Nigerian Chef, Hilda Baci – “Stop saying men are trash”

Nigerian Guinness World Record (GWR) holder, Hilda Baci, has advised her peers to refrain from criticizing men.

Hilda Baci

Nigerian Chef, Hilda Baci Post?

She felt the need to enlighten her gender, took to her social media platform, and urged ladies to stop labeling men as trash if they want to start experiencing their dream man.

She added that since she started thinking and speaking positively about men, she has been experiencing positive outcomes.

Her words:

“Stop saying men are tràsh , you attrack what you speak”

“What you put out, you attract I want to share a tiny secret here . The minute I started saying positive things about men, my love life and all. I started attracting the kind of men I wanted in my life. You can’t keep saying men are träsh and expect quality
Speak into existence what you want and it will come to you”

“If you like keep saying men are Scom , you’ll keep attracting scams.”

Since the beginning of the 21st century, Nigerian ladies have been exerting pressure on men regarding their potential and financial goals.

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