5 Secrets You May Know About Michael Jackson “His Legs Were Rotten?”

Explore the flaws of the greatest hip-hop singer and performer of all time, Michael Jackson.

The music mogul and sensation, popularly identified as the ‘King of Pop,’ has achieved a reputation that every music star craves and has failed to surpass to date.

The music mogul and sensation, popularly identified as the ‘King of Pop,’ has achieved a reputation that every music star craves and has failed to surpass to date.

Secrets You May Know About Michael Jackson

From childhood, Michael Jackson embraced the stage and maintained dominance for decades until he succumbed to the call of nature. As one of the most adored hip-hop sensations of all time, there are seemingly eerie and rare theories and secrets about the king of pop that you might not be aware of.

Despite rocking the world, Michael Jackson kept his flaws private behind the scenes until death revealed some of them. While numerous theories have circulated about him, below are some confirmed secrets you may not know about Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson last words


Sleeping ailing Michael Jackson

The death of Michael Jackson shocked the entertainment world; however, he had already displayed convincing signs that death was imminent.

Due to Michael Jackson’s struggle with insufficient sleep, identified as Insomnia, his doctor, Conrad Robert Murray, neglected necessary medical protocols and inadvertently caused Michael Jackson’s death by overdosing him with propofol, a sleeping agent.

On June 25th, 2009, the same sleep-related trauma affected Michael Jackson, who was already grappling with various ailments that had left him bedridden. He overdosed on propofol, leading to complications that resulted in his death.

Michael Jackson had developed a reputation for referring to propofol as “milk” whenever his sleep-related struggles intensified. He became addicted to the substance to the extent that he couldn’t resist the urge to consume it, aiding him in falling asleep.

Unlike many notable figures who make poignant last statements before their demise, Michael Jackson was unique. As disclosed by Wikipedia, his final words were ‘More Milk,’ which he repeatedly uttered as he yearned and craved for sleep before his death.

According to Michael Jackson’s doctor, who was later convicted and sentenced for manslaughter, Michael Jackson pleaded for Propofol repeatedly before he died. The doctor added that Jackson wanted to sleep due to his hectic schedule that had left him restless.

Despite facing complications, Michael Jackson showed no signs of reluctance, as he was willing to perform at his already sold-out O2 Arena concert.

Michael Jackson Rotten Legs


The legs of Michael Jackson while dancing

Despite maintaining an incredibly positive public reputation, Michael Jackson was always apprehensive about sharing his flaws with the public, preferring to keep them private.

Given that his income was built around dancing and top-notch performances, Michael Jackson’s legs were a crucial asset to his stage presence. The iconic ‘Moonwalk’ he introduced while performing his hit song ‘Billie Jean’ in 1983 showcased the prowess he had achieved with his footwork.

However, due to constant friction and rigorous performances, Michael Jackson’s legs deteriorated after an undisclosed fungus attacked them. This sheds light on why he consistently wore stockings in all his performances, as he couldn’t display his feet, which he believed looked horrible.

According to his doctor, Conrad Robert Murray, Michael Jackson chose to take painkillers, indicating his addiction to propofol, which he regularly consumed, often describing it as ‘Milk.’

The condition of Michael Jackson’s feet worsened to the point of emitting a bad odor. Despite this, he preferred to maintain his privacy and never alerted any doctor to the trauma. Various sources disclosed that he was incredibly ashamed of his deteriorating legs.

Michael Jackson Plastic Surgeries

michael jackson changing faces

Stages of Michael Jackson’s transformation

While the King of Pop never admitted to being obsessed with undergoing cosmetic procedures, reality contradicted his public image, revealing that he indeed underwent numerous plastic surgeries during his era.

The first instance occurred in 1979 when he opted for a ‘Nose Job’ to reduce the size of his nose. The surgery was successful, garnering positive attention, and he attributed it to the need to address an injury sustained during a rehearsal, emphasizing the intention to repair damages for fitness and health reasons.

Despite the initial success, he returned for another ‘Nose Job’ months later, aiming for further refinement. Although the results were satisfactory, he faced breathing difficulties that required corrective measures, as disclosed by his surgeon.

He continued to alter his nose, making it even smaller. Under media scrutiny, Michael Jackson eventually confessed to undergoing multiple ‘Nose Jobs,’ citing the desire to sing high notes as a motivation, though he denied doing it to change his racial appearance.

The transformation extended to his skin color, which underwent a sudden change to white, triggering another Plastic Surgery controversy. Evidence suggested that Michael Jackson suffered from vitiligo, a skin disease affecting pigmentation.

As his skin color changed, alterations in his chin and nose attracted attention. While he never admitted to a chin implant, it was visibly different on several occasions.

His obsession with surgeries expanded, leading to significant facial changes. His nose began to collapse, prompting his surgeon to reconstruct an entirely new nose for the singer.

Additional sources claimed that he underwent eyelid surgery, resulting in a permanent change in his appearance.

Despite the numerous surgeries, Michael Jackson never publicly acknowledged having multiple procedures. Some theories have speculated that his alleged motivation was rooted in a desire not to resemble his father.

Michael Jackson Baldness


Michael Jackson wearing his famous wig

It might come as a surprise to discover that all these years, Michael was bald and had no natural hair. The iconic hair he represented for a long time was nothing but a wig.

The revelation of this situation stems from an unfortunate incident. At the peak of his career, at the age of 25, Michael Jackson secured a significant deal with Pepsi and was scheduled to perform in a commercial for the company.

In front of a massive audience of 3 thousand fans eager to witness his performance, while he was performing his hit song ‘Billie Jean’ for a Pepsi Cola Commercial in Los Angeles, a fireworks mishap occurred. The fireworks went awry, sparking and setting his hair on fire.

This incident resulted in the destruction of his hair before he was saved and rushed to the hospital for diagnosis. Michael Jackson, unwilling to part with his hair, attempted to regrow it through hair implants, but the efforts did not go as planned, ultimately leading him to go bald and conceal it with a wig.

Despite this revelation, no one was able to ascertain that Michael was bald until after his death. An autopsy result confirmed that the singer was indeed bald.

Michael Jackson Children controversy


Michael Jackson spending time with children

Moving away from Michael’s public image, he faced several allegations of child sexual abuse that he consistently denied until his death.

The controversy became prominent in 1993 when he was accused of sexually molesting a child. Despite the accusations and subsequent reports from some parents, Michael Jackson continued to deny all allegations.

In reality, Michael Jackson expressed a genuine love for children and often mentioned that, due to the strictness of his father, he was unable to enjoy his own childhood. As a result, he found joy in spending time with children.

Most of them whom he adopted and shared the same bed with proved his passion with kids.

To date, even at death Michael Jackson is still being accused of alleged child se><üal abuse.

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