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Seyi Vibez - Different Pattern (Official Audio)

Seyi Vibez - Different Pattern (MP3 Download)

Vibez Inc. frontman The multi-talented Nigerian musician and songwriter Seyi Vibez has recently released a huge single titled “Different Pattern.”

In addition, his recently released EP, “NAHAMciaga,” features the intriguing tune described earlier.

Every time, this gifted artist astounds us with fresh, seductive music that belongs on everyone’s device.

This new song was the result of a lot of effort and attention.

Please listen to and download the song as often as you can to show your support! Your patience has been much appreciated, and we hope you like the music!

The catchy melody of this song will stay with you forever. It is advised that you listen to this song repeatedly.

As you listen, please drop your comment below.

Seyi Vibez – Different Pattern (MP3 Download)

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